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West Coast Swing Music Essentials


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As of September 2010, we have over 1000 songs on the database and growing. Here you can search for your favorite music using many different methods. You can add songs to the database and leave comments about songs for others to view.


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This is the latest and greatest as of September 2010. If you want music that is currently popular and considered new, then this is the place to start. This list of West Coast Swing Dance Music changes over time. So check back often for more songs and information.


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It is late in the evening. The competitors are done with their endeavors. The floor is hopping with a vibe that is just a little bit more subdued. If your thing is dancing when everyone else goes to bed, this is where to start.


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Some people don't like it. Some people are indifferent to it. But A LOT of people absolutely love Dancing West Coast Swing to the Blues. If you are a blues enthusiast, you should probably have all these songs in your collection


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Contemporary music is usually faster with a more driving beat. On this list you will also find some of the classic fast songs through the years. Definitely for the younger dancer.


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West Coast Swing dancing is more tasty with a little funk. If you like that thumping bass, or if you like that rhythmic horn section, this is the place to start.

About Our Database presents the West Coast Swing Music Essentials Series. Choose the style of music that you like the best and see all the songs that you should have in your collection. The music chosen are songs that you probably hear over and over again in your adventures of doing this dance we all love. Remember that what you think is good and what the next dancer over thinks is good is completely subjective. Help the community by voting on your favorite songs.

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